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The Function of Capacitor(II)

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3) filtering.

Theoretically (that is to say, the capacitance is assumed to be a pure capacitance), the larger the capacitance, the smaller the impedance and the higher the passing frequency. But in fact, most of the capacitors over 1F are electrolytic capacitors, which have a large inductance, so the impedance will increase when the frequency is high. Sometimes we can see a large capacitance in parallel with a small capacitance, when the large capacitance through low frequency, small capacitance through high frequency. The function of capacitance is to pass high resistance low pass high frequency resistance low frequency. The larger the capacitance, the easier it is to pass through the low frequency, and the larger the capacitance, the easier it is to pass through the high frequency. It is used to filter low frequency with large capacitance (1000F) and high frequency with small capacitance (20pF). Some netizens have likened the filter capacitance to a "pond". Since the voltage at both ends of the capacitor will not change, it can be seen that the higher the signal frequency, the greater the attenuation. It can be very vividly said that the capacitance is like a reservoir, and it will not cause water changes due to the addition or evaporation of a few drops of water. It converts the change of voltage into the change of current. The higher the frequency, the greater the peak current, thus buffering the voltage. Filtering is the process of charging and discharging.

4) Energy storage.

The energy storage capacitor collects the charge through the rectifier and transmits the stored energy through the converter lead to the output of the power supply. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors (such as EPCOS B43504 B43505) with voltage rating of 40~450VDC and capacitance between 220 and 150000 F are commonly used. According to different power supply requirements, the device sometimes adopts the form of series, parallel or its combination. For the power level exceeding 10KW, the large volume spiral terminal capacitor is usually used.


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