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The Difference Between y1 Capacitor and y2 Capacitor(1)

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Y1 capacitors and Y2 capacitors are Anchorage Y-type capacitors. Effect of Angiograph Y Type Capacitor:

1. Reduce the influence of external common-mode interference on the equipment. Even improve the equipment's ability to resist common mode interference, also known as EMS.

2. Reduce the common mode interference (EMI) of the equipment to the outside world, mainly including conducting common-mode interference, also including radiation interference.

3. Y-type capacitor is mainly aimed at common mode interference suppression, and the suppression of differential mode interference is the task of X capacitor.

So what's the difference between a y1 capacitor and a y2 capacitor?

Y1 capacitance: the foot distance is usually 10mm; used across the primary and secondary sides; rated voltage is 400VAC, voltage up to 4000VAC; it is double insulated or reinforced; with the same capacity, the volume of the y1 capacitor is slightly larger than that of the Y2 capacitor.


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