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Ten Parameters of Inverter(III)

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Five offset frequency is also called deviation frequency or frequency deviation setting. The function is used to adjust the output frequency when the frequency is set by an external analog signal (voltage or current), as shown in fig. 1. Some frequency converter when the frequency set signal is 0, the deviation value can function in the 0~fmax range, some frequency converters (such as bright electricity, Sanken) can also set the bias polarity. If in debugging, when the frequency set signal is 0, the output frequency of the frequency converter is not 0 Hz, but xHz. then the xHz with the bias frequency set to negative can make the output frequency of the frequency converter 0Hz.  .

Six frequency set signal gain this function is effective only when the frequency is set with an external analog signal. It is used to make up for the inconsistency between the external set signal voltage and the inverter internal voltage + 10 v), at the same time, it is convenient to simulate the choice of the signal voltage and to set the timing. When the analog input signal is maximum (such as 10v, 5v or 20mAg), the frequency percentage of the output f / V figure can be calculated and set as a parameter; if the external signal is set to 0 / 5v, If the output frequency of the converter is 0 ~ 50 Hz, then the gain signal can be set to 200%.  .

Seven torque can be divided into driving torque and braking torque. According to the output voltage and current value of the converter, the torque of the converter is calculated by CPU, which can improve the recovery characteristics of the impact load during acceleration and deceleration and constant speed operation. Torque function can realize automatic acceleration and deceleration control. If the acceleration and deceleration time is less than the load inertia time, it can also ensure the motor to accelerate and decelerate automatically according to the torque setting value. . Nor does it cause the converter to trip. When the acceleration time is too short, the motor torque will not exceed the maximum set value. Large driving torque is favorable for starting, and it is better to set it to 80% 100%. . If the brake torque is set to 0, the total amount of regeneration added to the main capacitor can be close to zero, so that the motor can slow down to stop instead of tripping without using brake resistance when decelerating.


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