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Ten Parameters of Inverter(II)

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Two torque lifting, also called torque compensation, is a method to compensate for the low speed torque reduction caused by motor stator winding resistance, and to increase the low frequency range f / V. When set to automatic, the voltage of acceleration can be raised automatically to compensate the starting torque, and the motor can be accelerated smoothly. If manual compensation is used, according to the load characteristics, especially the starting characteristics of the load, a better curve can be selected through the test. For variable torque load, such as improper selection of low speed output voltage will be too high, and waste of electricity phenomenon, or even the motor with load start when the current is large, but not go on the speed of the phenomenon.  .

Three electronic thermal overload protection; the function is to protect the motor overheating and set, it is the inverter CPU according to the operating current value and frequency to calculate the motor temperature rise, so as to protect the overheating. This function only applies to "one drag one" occasion, and in "one drag more", should install thermal relay on each motor. Electronic thermal protection setting value = [motor rated current / frequency converter rated output current > 100%].  .

Four-frequency: that is, the upper and lower limits of the output frequency of the frequency converter. Frequency is to prevent maloperation or external frequency set signal source failure, and cause the output frequency is too high or too low, to prevent damage to the equipment a protection function. In the application according to the actual situation can be set. This function can also be used as speed limit. For example, some belt conveyors can be driven by frequency converters to reduce the wear of machinery and belts, and the upper frequency of the frequency converter is set to a certain frequency value because the conveying materials are not too much. In this way, the belt conveyor can operate at a fixed and low working speed.


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