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Summary of common problems with polyester capacitors

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-11      Origin:Site

In the process of receiving customers, sometimes the editor will receive many questions from customers, then the text for everyone to sort out some common problems with polyester capacitors, I hope to help everyone!


1) What is the replacement for the polyester capacitor 2A224J if the same capacitor is not found?

Answer: 2A224J is a 100V0.22μF polyester capacitor. The advantage of polyester capacitor is that it has high dielectric constant and good stability. It can be directly replaced by various film capacitors (such as various CBB capacitors) with the same parameters.


2) Where is the polyester capacitor generally used?

A: In the power amplifier circuit, the polyester capacitor can be replaced by CBB. CBB capacitors are mainly used in AC circuits, such as electric fans, ventilators, and other small power motors as phase-separated capacitors.


3) What are the withstand voltage values of polyester capacitors?

Answer: Polyester capacitor withstand voltage series: withstand voltage code


Code 0J 1A 1C 1E 1V 1H 1J 1K

Withstand voltage (V) 6.3 10 16 25 35 50 63 80


Code 2A 2C 2E 2V 25 20 2F 2G 2W

Withstand voltage (V) 100 160 250 350 180 200 315 400 450


4) Is there a difference between the polyester film color green color package and the red color package performance?

Answer: The polyester capacitor is the same function as the polyester capacitor. It is used to store the charge, but the material (that is, the medium) is different, so the withstand voltage value is different.


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