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Specification for maintenance and use of Safety Capacitor(II)

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Safety gauge capacitor casing and support insulator surface should be clean, no damage, no discharge trace, safety gauge capacitor shell should be clean, no deformation, no oil, safety gauge capacitor and iron shelf above should not accumulate dust and other dirty things.

The reliability of all contacts (busbars, ground wires, circuit breakers, fuses, switches, etc.) on electrical lines connected with a gauge capacitor bank must be carefully monitored. Because a fault occurred at a contact point on the line, even the untightening of the nut rotation may cause early damage to the safety gauge capacitor and cause the whole equipment to fail.

10) if a voltage test is required after the operation of the safety gauge capacitor for a period of time, the test shall be carried out in accordance with the specified value.

The capacitance and fuse of safety gauge capacitors shall be inspected not less than once a month. The tan δ value of the safety gauge capacitor should be measured 3 times in one year. The purpose is to check the reliability of the safety gauge capacitor. Each measurement should be carried out under the rated voltage or near the rated value.

The circuit breaker of the gauge capacitor bank is skipped because of the action of the relay, and shall not be reclosed until the reason for the jump is found.

In the course of operation or transportation, if oil leakage is found in the shell of the safety gauge capacitor, it can be repaired by soldering with tin lead solder.


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