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Several Methods of Testing Capacitors(I)

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Multimeter detection method.


For fixed capacitors above 0. 01 μ F. We can directly test whether the capacitor has charging process, internal short circuit or leakage, and estimate the capacity of capacitor according to the amplitude of the right swing of the pointer by using the R & T Imesl 1k block of the multimeter to test directly whether the capacitor has the charging process or whether there is any internal short circuit or leakage. In the test operation, first touch the two pins of the capacitor with a two-meter pen, then change the pen to touch again. If the capacitance is good, the multimeter pointer will swing to the right, and then quickly return to the infinite position to the left. The larger the capacitance, the greater the swing of the pointer. If the meter pen touches the two pins of the capacitor, the multimeter pointer does not swing to the right, indicating that the capacity of the capacitance is less than 0.01 μ F or has disappeared. In the measurement, if the pointer swinging to the right can not return to the infinite position to the left, indicating that the capacitance leakage or breakdown.


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