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Selection and quality of New Energy Automotive Film Capacitor

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New energy vehicles refer to the use of unconventional vehicle fuel as a source of power. New energy vehicles include hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, other new energy (such as efficient energy storage, dimethyl ether) vehicles and other types of products. The selection and quality of new energy automotive thin film capacitors have become one of the most important problems. Battery and motor control technology are the three core technologies of new energy vehicles. The core of the motor control technology is the inverter technology which needs the high efficiency motor control. The new energy automobile film capacitor of the inverter controlled by the high efficiency motor is an indispensable part. So how to choose the new energy automobile thin film capacitor. What's the quality?

1. Brand experience: focus on thin film capacitor R & D design and sales, sales network covering the world;

2. Series complete: film capacitor series, film capacitor complete manufacturers;

3. Value-added services: application engineers assist in selection, free of charge to provide technical support;

4. Hardware strength: fully automated production equipment, industry technology leading, customized delivery speed;

5. Successful cases: Zhixu thin film capacitors are widely used in nearly 300 industries, serving more than 10000 customers;

6. Cooperative Company: successfully reached a deal with 10000 companies;


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