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Reason for adding CBB capacitor after rectification

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Film capacitors are mainly used in Electronics, House appliance, Communications, Electrified railway, Hybrid electrical vehicle, Wind power generation, Solar electrical energy generation and other industries. So why add a CBB capacitor after the traditional bridge PFCrectification?


If the CBB capacitor is not added, only the junction capacitance of the rectifier tube is very small. Once the loop has stray and inductive reactance, its resonant frequency is very high, the amplitude is large, and it is easy to break through the rectifier tube, and EMI is deteriorated. The reason for choosing the CBB capacitor is the price advantage, followed by the withstand voltage; because the capacitor is subjected to a sufficiently high surge charging current, the CBB capacitor with "self-healing" function is selected.

PS: "self-healing" effect: The surge charging current will cause the capacitor capacity to become smaller, but the CBB capacitor capacity loss is relatively small.


The self-healing principle of CBB capacitors is: when there is a problem with the medium of CBB capacitor or click, the metallization coating at the breakdown point or the problematic position will be volatilized under the action of arc under the action of the arc, so that the capacitor The two poles again form a short circuit and resume normal operation.


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