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Process flow analysis of metallized film capacitors

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1. Slitting process:the semi-finished film is cut into finished films. Semi-finished metallized film needs equipment slitting machine.

2. The winding process rolls the finished film into a core.The core is the basic of the film, it is also a very important component of the finished film, and the mandrel needs to use the equipment winding machine.

3. In the gold spraying process, the two ends of the core are sprayed with a metal layer, which is convenient for welding the lead core, zinc wire, and zinc-aluminum alloy wire. A gold spraying machine is required.

4. After the core is sprayed with gold in the enabling process, the core is charged and discharged. Check whether its capacity, loss, self-healing and withstand voltage meet the design requirements/needed equipment enabling machine.

5. In the welding assembly process, the core is welded to the lead, and it is combined in series and parallel to solder, wire, and copper foil. Automatic welding machine and electric soldering iron are required.

6. The core and core group testing process performs pressure, capacity and loss tests on the core and core group. Equipment capacity tester, withstand voltage tester and insulation resistance tester are required.

7. The impregnation process is to impregnate the core and the core group under high temperature and vacuum state, and remove the air and moisture in the core insulating oil. Equipment impregnation machine is required.

8. The assembly process assembles the core into the shell, makes insulation, installs insulating films such as leads, insulating paper, shells, insulators, lead posts, etc.

9. The semi-finished product testing process performs voltage, capacity, loss and insulation tests on the semi-finished product. Equipment capacity tester, withstand voltage tester and insulation resistance tester are required.

10. The encapsulation and painting process encapsulates the semi-finished product, sands, cleans and paints the paint. Equipment argon arc welding machine is required.

11. In the finished product testing process, the semi-finished products are tested for withstand voltage, capacity, loss, and insulation, and the use time test is also required depending on the situation. The exact capacity, loss test, and internal resistance and inductance test require equipment capacity testers, withstand voltage testers, Insulation resistance tester, precision high voltage bridge, AC and DC withstand voltage test device, oscilloscope, Luosi coil, high voltage capacitor test device.


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