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Problems that should be paid attention to in operation of power capacitor (II)

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2. Working temperature

When the capacitor is working, the temperature of its inner medium should be below 65 C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 C, otherwise it will cause thermal breakdown or bulging. The temperature of the capacitor housing is between the medium temperature and the ambient temperature, generally 50~60 degrees centigrade, not exceeding 60 degrees centigrade.

In order to monitor the temperature of the capacitor, the probe of the thermometer is attached to the 2/3 height of the middle of the shell of the capacitor, or the temperature of the test temperature of the temperature of 50~60 centigrade.


3. Working voltage

Capacitor is very sensitive to voltage. Because the loss of capacitor is proportional to the square of voltage, the overvoltage will make the capacitor heat up seriously, the capacitor insulation will accelerate aging, the life span is shortened, and even the electric shock is worn. The voltage of the power grid should generally be lower than the rated voltage of the capacitor itself, and the maximum should not exceed 10% of its rated voltage. However, it should be noted that the maximum working voltage and the maximum working temperature are not available at the same time. Therefore, when the working voltage is 1.1 times the rated voltage, cooling measures must be taken.


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