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Problems that are easy to occur in capacitors(II)

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The charge closure caused the blasting of the capacitor:

No capacitor group with rated voltage should be forbidden to switch on with charge. Each time the capacitor bank is reclosed, it must be switched off when the capacitor discharges 3min.

The capacitor reacts obviously to the high voltage. According to the regulation, capacitors can run at 1.1 times rated voltage for a long time. However, under the condition of light load, the network voltage often exceeds this value. Especially for the agricultural network, because the rural power grid at night load is very light, so reactive power compensable capacitors, working voltage at night, tend to be higher than the allowable value for a long time. This requires that people should choose capacitors with higher rated voltage to reduce the dielectric loss caused by the high voltage of the capacitor itself and the decrease of the life of the capacitor due to thermal aging.



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