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Problems that are easy to occur in capacitors (I)

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Operation overvoltage causes damage to the capacitor:

When the shunt capacitor bank is cut off, it may cause the oscillation process of the inductance capacitance loop. Thus, the operation overvoltage is generated. During the cutting process, if the circuit breaker reigns, it will cause strong electromagnetic oscillation and higher overvoltage. The amplitude of this overvoltage is related to the size of the cut capacitor and busbar side capacitance, and is also related to the potential difference between the contacts when the arc is re ignited.


Too high operating voltage leads to premature elimination of phase-shifting capacitors:

The power loss and the calorific value of the capacitor are directly proportional to the square of the operating voltage. The increase of the operating voltage makes the capacitor temperature increase significantly. In addition, the aging of the capacitor insulation will be accelerated under the action of the long-term electric field. It is recognized that the life of capacitor is inversely proportional to the 7-8 times of the voltage.


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