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Parameter characteristics of capacitor(II)

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Capacitor loss and external factors

1. The relationship between capacitor loss and frequency

The loss of capacitor in the range of low frequency and intermediate frequency is determined by medium and auxiliary medium. In general, the loss of conductance occurs in the low frequency range. Loss is mainly caused by metal parts in the high frequency range.

The loss of nonpolar dielectric capacitors at low frequencies is mainly determined by the conductance loss of the medium, and the loss at high frequencies is determined by the loss of the metal parts.

2. The relationship between capacitor loss and voltage, generally speaking, the effect of voltage on loss is minimal, but when the voltage is high enough, air gap ionization will cause loss.

      3. The influence of humidity on capacitor losses, in wet environment, the condenser surface gradually condenses water to increase leakage current, resulting in increased losses. At the same time, the water entering the capacitor will also oxidize and corrode the metallized layer, which causes the loss to increase. In order to prevent this effect, the capacitor must strengthen the moisture resistance.

If you want to know clearly the performance characteristics of capacitors, you must not miss the theoretical knowledge. Only with thorough knowledge can you get more and more smoothly on the road of practice.


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