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Parameter characteristics of capacitor(I)

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The capacitance of the capacitor is a parameter that characterizes the capacity of the capacitor to store the charge. It is numerically equal to the ratio of the charge Q stored on the plate to the voltage U applied to the plate.

Capacity frequency characteristics

The dielectric constant of a non-polar medium is almost independent of the frequency, and the capacity and frequency characteristics of the capacitor are good. However, the dielectric constant of the polar medium varies greatly with the frequency, and the capacitance and frequency characteristics of the capacitor are poor.

Capacitor loss

1. Definition: Under the action of an electric field, the energy consumed by heat generation per unit time is called the loss of capacitors.

      2. The ideal capacitor can store all the energy obtained from the power supply in the capacitor. The actual capacitor consumes a certain amount of energy in the circuit, that is, it converts part of the electrical energy stored in the capacitor into heat energy. Thermal energy heats the capacitor on the one hand and raises the temperature; on the other hand, it dissipates through the capacitor surface to the surrounding environment.


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