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Optional film capacitors to distinguish between metal film and metal foil

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Nowadays, film capacitors have been slowly integrated into our lives. From small household appliances to large industrial electronic devices, film capacitors are inseparable. It has shown an increasingly strong momentum in the capacitor industry, and the market is increasingly demanding, so many people urgently need to know how to choose a film capacitor suitable for their products, because only the right capacitor can be purchased. Play a role.


Today's film capacitors are mostly one type of polypropylene capacitors. The outside of the film is coated with a metal film. The film functions as an electrode. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between metal film and metal foil when selecting. There is only a word difference between them, but there is still a big difference in the actual application. The metal film capacitor is more suitable for the current people's demand for some small electronic products and equipment. Its volume is better than that of metal foil. A lot smaller.


When purchasing a thin film coupling capacitor, consider its actual voltage usage and some requirements for derating, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. When the capacitor is in use, the current will generate heat to the capacitor. If the heat is too high, the capacitor will heat up and damage the capacitor. Therefore, the selected capacitor must be in the current allowable condition. Make your application more comfortable and last longer.


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