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  • Understand the drift of the thermistor

    What is the drift of the thermistor, there are two kinds of drift, and you can learn it together! The main part of the thermistor is a semiconducting ceramic, and its performance is generally stable. However, if it is used under high temperature and high load for a long time, its resistance value wi

  • Development status of metallized film capacitors

    The development status of metallized film capacitors in China: Since the advent of metallized film capacitors produced by hand in the 1960s, China's metallized capacitors have experienced three developments. In the 1980s, the success of color TV production was completed. Manual engineering to the in

  • Film capacitor energization

    Film capacitors have many excellent characteristics, no polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss. Therefore, film capacitors are used in large quantities on analog circuits. Today I want to tell you about the energiz

  • Film capacitor stores charge

    Nowadays more and more people will use film capacitors, and the development prospects are also very good. In general, we can see film capacitors in electronics, home appliances, telecommunications, electric power, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power, solar power and many other industri

  • The status of ceramic capacitors is gradually increasing

    Although people now think that the generation of electronic components such as resistors and capacitors and relays is not very eye-catching, they are actually indispensable electronic components in microelectronic systems. Ceramic capacitors are especially important for the most outstanding semicond

  • Capacitor performance and characteristics

    The construction of the capacitor is very simple. The two electrode plates face each other, and the middle is separated by an insulating material (called a dielectric) to form a capacitor. The dielectrics of different types of capacitors use different raw materials. The capacitance of a capacitor is

  • Method for judging capacitor quality

    Capacitor is a kind of component that can store electric charge and is one of the most commonly used electronic components. It is widely classified, including film capacitors, CBB capacitors, safety capacitors, etc., and is widely used in various fields. Under normal circumstances, judging the quali

  • What is a film capacitor

    Film capacitors can be said to be a capacitor that has risen rapidly in recent years. In the previous article, there was an article about the reasons why film capacitors have gradually replaced aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Interested friends can look back. The film capacitor is a capacitor in w

  • Switching power supply uses ceramic capacitors and film capacitors

    Engineers should be aware that the 60% life of the switching power supply is controlled by the capacitor, so the capacitor used in the switching power supply requires long life, small size, high operating frequency and high temperature resistance. Ceramic capacitors and film capacitors commonly used

  • Polyester capacitor is not a metal film capacitor

    The longer the contact with electronic components, the more questions will arise. Some people will ask if the polyester capacitor is a metal film capacitor. Especially when the novice does not fully understand the capacitor knowledge, it is easy to be confused. Polyester capacitors, commonly known a


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