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  • Introduction to the related functions of the thermistor

    1.Protection componentFor example, a polymer positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PPTC) is a conductive polymer formed by using a special polymer mixed conductive particle. Under normal ambient temperature, the conductive particles inside the material contain a low-impedance structure, and w

  • The difference between CL21 capacitor and CBB capacitor

    Polyester film capacitors are also known as CL capacitors, and polypropylene film capacitors are also known as CBB capacitors, both of which have self-healing and non-inductive properties. The main differences between the two are as follows: 1. Under high frequency conditions, the stability of CBB c

  • CBB capacitor manufacturers have to cross the boundaries of the industry

    As the market for CBB capacitors gets better and better, CBB capacitor manufacturers are making profits while improving the performance and quality of capacitors. Manufacturers also get better operation. The competition in this industry of capacitors is getting more and more fierce, so how to win in

  • Talking about the eight basic functions of metal film capacitors

    1. DC blocking. This not only makes the role of the metal film capacitor, but also the basic function of all capacitors, which is to prevent the passage of DC and let the AC pass. 2. Coupling. The coupling of the metal film capacitor acts as a connection between the two circuits, allowing the AC sig

  • The larger the capacity of the film capacitor, the better?

    Due to its excellent performance and suitable unit price, thin film capacitors are widely used in electronics, home appliances, telecommunications, electric power, electrified railways, hybrid electric vehicles, wind power generation, solar power generation and other industries, and become indispens

  • Why does the safety capacitor expand the drum kit?

    Common safety capacitors are used in switching power supplies. Safety capacitors are not the same as ordinary capacitors. Safety capacitors do not cause personal injury after failure. Therefore, the safety factor of safety capacitors is recognized. What are the reasons for the expansion of safety ca

  • Talking about leaded ceramic capacitor

    Compared with common chip ceramic capacitors, ceramic capacitors with leads have basically the same internal structure. Although they are only different in package, they have unique features and applications, especially in response to noise countermeasures, substrate bending countermeasures, and DC.

  • Film capacitor manufacturing process and requirements

    We all know that a film capacitor is a capacitor made of a metal foil as an electrode and a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate, which is folded from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical shape. But do you know what its production process is like? And

  • CBB capacitor characteristics

    CBB capacitors have been shuttled in our lives. Commonly used in household appliances, CBB capacitors are not unfamiliar to everyone. What are the characteristics of CBB capacitors? CBB capacitor is non-inductive, made of polyester film as medium and aluminum foil for electrode winding, tinned coppe

  • Analysis of the main failure of metallized film capacitors

    Metallized film capacitors are one of the commonly used capacitors in our life. Metallized film capacitors are well known for their superior self-healing properties. This article talks about two key points, what are the causes of film capacitor failure? Partial dischargeDue to the existence of tiny


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