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  • The reason of Capacitance failure(1)

    Component open circuitAfter the capacitor is open, there is no function of the capacitor. After the capacitor in different circuits has an open circuit fault, the specific fault phenomenon of the circuit is different. For example, the AC sound appears after the filter capacitor is open, the coupling

  • Common faults of Power Capacitor and its treatment(3)

    Shell deformationBecause the dielectric inside the capacitor is dissociated under the action of the high voltage electric field, the medium will decompose and precipitate gas, or because of the breakdown of some components, the discharge of the capacitor pole to the shell will cause the medium to pr

  • Common faults of Power Capacitor and its treatment(2)

    Treatment of Capacitor explosionIn order to prevent the capacitor from exploding, in order to prevent the capacitor from exploding, the most important thing is to install the protective device of the capacitor and cut the capacitor in time before the burst accident. In operation, if found that the c

  • Common faults of Power Capacitor and its treatment(1)

    When there is no obvious fault after the appearance detection of the capacitor, it can be tested experimentally to determine whether there is the phenomenon of fuse break. In general, when there is no obvious appearance fault and capacitor failure, fuse may be the cause of failure.

  • Analysis of the meaning of Capacitor in different Circuits(4)

    Pad capacitance:In the circuit, the frequency range of the oscillation signal is reduced, and the capacitance of the oscillation frequency of the low frequency end is significantly increased, which is in series with the main capacitance of the slot path. Compensating capacitance:In the oscillating c

  • Analysis of the meaning of Capacitor in different Circuits(3)

    Neutralizing capacitance:Connected between the Triode base and collector, used to overcome the self-excited oscillation caused by the capacitance between the Triode and the collector. Slot capacitanceA capacitor is connected to two ends of a resonant or oscillating circuit coil.

  • Analysis of the meaning of Capacitor in different Circuits(2)

    Coupling capacitance:Connected between the signal source and the signal processing circuit or the two stage amplifier, it is used to separate the direct current, let the alternating current or pulsation signal pass through, and make the DC working point of the believed amplifier do not affect each o

  • Analysis of the meaning of Capacitor in different Circuits(1)

    Filter capacitance:It is connected between the positive and negative electrodes of the circuit, removing the useless AC current in the circuit, which generally adopts a large capacity electrolytic capacitor, and some other fixed capacitors. Decoupling capacitance:Connected to the positive and negati

  • Why do some amplifiers oscillate with capacitive loads?

    The output impedance of the operational amplifier and the capacitance of the capacitive load may form a resistive and capacitive oscillation. The output impedance and capacitive load form a R-C oscillation at the output stage, thus causing an additional phase lag in the feedback signal. The CMOS amp

  • Test method for power efficiency(3)

    Passive element measurement: magnetic elementPassive elements refer to elements that do not amplify signals or switch signals. The power supply uses a full range of passive components such as resistors and capacitors, but from a measurement point of view, the main focus is on magnetic elements (magn


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