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Matters Needing Attention in Selection of Thin Film Capacitor(I)

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1. Rated voltage of capacitors:

The peak value of the highest DC or pulse voltage that can be continuously applied to a capacitor within a rated temperature range. Considering the requirement of reliability reduction, it is usually required that the actual operating voltage should be less than 80% of the rated voltage.

2. Working voltage selection of capacitors:

Through the pulse voltage and voltage resistance of the capacitor, because of the loss of the film capacitor, when used in high frequency and high pulse condition, if there is a large current through the capacitor, it will make the film capacitor own heat. In severe cases, there will be the risk of thermal breakdown (smoke, breakdown), so the use is also limited by the rated current of the capacitor. Use must ensure that both voltages are within the allowable range. If it is not possible to determine the actual operating voltage (current) waveform, it may be determined by the temperature rise of the capacitor itself, usually for polyester capacitors, allowing its own temperature rise to be used at less than 10C. For polypropylene capacitors, use is allowed when the temperature rise is less than 5 ℃. (actual measurement should be performed on the surface of the capacitor end lead welding site)


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