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Knowledge of the varistor can be better protected(I)

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Varistor is an electronic component which can prevent high voltage and protect the circuit board from high impact. The resistance material of varistor is semiconductor, so it is also a kind of semiconductor resistor. The Zinc Oxide varistor is commonly used now. There is a key parameter in the varistor parameter. The unit is Joule, and the heat is too high to damage the varistor itself.


When the voltage at both ends is within the nominal rating of 1, its resistance value is almost infinite, and it is in a high resistance state. The leakage current varistor exceeds its action voltage to produce the current to clamp the overvoltage and eventually converts the electric energy into thermal energy. The varistor D has protective measures in the use of the circuit, such as adding fuse before the varistor, and so on. When the voltage is higher than the voltage sensitive resistor, the current in the varistor will be very large, and the fuse will fuse and protect. Generally, the overpressure will not burn the varistor in a short period of time, but if a lot of overpressure is overpressed in a short time, the varistor will burn out (such as lightning) when the fuse has not been fused.


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