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Introduction to the Characteristics of Thermistor

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1. Saving electricity. The energy input of the thermistor is proportional, which has the current limiting characteristic of the protective circuit, and saves the electric power compared with the switching energy input of the heating element such as Ni-Cr element line.

2. Long service life. PTC thermistor itself is an oxide, no high temperature oxidation defects of Ni-Cr element wire, no fragile situation of infrared diode, long service life, and long life of porous type than non-porous type.

3. It has the characteristic of constant temperature, adjusting and controlling temperature. When an AC or DC voltage is given by a thermistor element, the resistivity is lower below Curie temperature; if the resistivity is suddenly increased if the Curie temperature is higher, the current of the thermistor will be reduced to a fixed value. Achieve the purpose of automatic constant temperature and temperature adjustment.

4. Do not burn safely. PTC thermistor does not glow when it is hot, no flame, so it is difficult to ignite. When the temperature near the thermistor is higher than the limit value, the power of the thermistor will be reduced to a stable value automatically, and there will be no combustion accident.

5. Wide limit of exercise voltage. PTC thermistors can be used normally at low voltage 6 to 36 V and high voltage 110-240 V.

6.The structure is simple. The thermistor itself is to be automatically temperature controlled and does not require other automatic temperature control circuit assembly. In particular, the new product jujube core type porous thermistors do not need the rest of the heat dissipation assembly, also do not need to use electrical adhesives.


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