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How to identify the MLCC on the PCB?

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MLCC is known as multilayer (laminated, laminated) chip ceramic capacitors, also known as MLCC, chip capacitors. The full name of English: Multi-layer ceramic capacitors. English abbreviations: MLCC. MLCC has two means of scaling, one in inches and one in millimeters, such as a 0402 series of MLCC, 04 with a length of 0.04 inches, and a 02 indication of a width of 0.02 inches.

Capacitors: they can be divided into two categories: non polarity and polarity. The two types of packages are the most common.


The main parts of the patch are: 0201 1/20W 0402 1/16W 0603 1/10W 0805 1/8W 1206 1/4W


The corresponding connection between the capacitance resistance profile and the package is that the 0402=1.0x0.5 0603=1.6x0.8 0805=2.0x1.2 1206=3.2x1.6 1210=3.2x2.5 1812=4.5x3.2 2225=5.6x6.5 capacitance itself is independent of the size of the package, and the package is related to the nominal power. Length and width are usually shown in millimetre. But the type is an indication of the chosen inch. Select the appropriate packaging list first to see PCB space, is it possible to put down this device. Generally speaking, packaging large equipment will be cheaper, small packaging equipment because of the higher processing progress, may be a bit more expensive, and then encapsulated large capacitance pressure value will be smaller than the packaging of the same capacity of the capacity of the capacitor pressure, these are to be selected according to the needs of practice. The small packaging equipment will be a bit more demanding for mounting, such as the accuracy of the SMT machine. If the circuit board in the mobile phone is limited and the operating voltage is low, 0402 resistance and capacitance can be chosen, and the large capacity tantalum capacitor is more than 3216 large packages.


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