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Home » News » News » industry information » How to choose a film capacitor suitable for use in automobiles

How to choose a film capacitor suitable for use in automobiles

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I believe that many people have their own favorite cars, but do you know the film capacitors used in auto parts? How do you choose the device in use?


1. The choice of capacity is based on the power level of the power amplifier. The power amplifier part capacity selection range is generally 50,000 microfarads, 100,000 microfarads, 500,000 microfarads, 1 farad and 1.5 farads. For more powerful car audio systems, multiple thin film capacitors are generally selected in parallel;


2. The film capacitor can be used in the selection, and the small pull-number can be used to make the equivalent internal resistance smaller.


3. According to the brand of film capacitor, choose the film capacitor with smaller internal effective resistance, and the special film capacitor for brand-name audio will make the effect better. The working voltage should be more than 25 volts, and the working temperature should not be lower than 85 °C;


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