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How to calculate the derating of CBB capacitors?

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In the capacitor forum, I found a question that is often asked by people. How to calculate the derating of CBB capacitors? There are also a lot of active respondents, but many of them answered in general, so that the questioner is still confused.

In fact, the calculation of CBB capacitor derating is very simple. Three capacitors with the same capacity, C1=C2=C3=C, are connected in a triangle, and the total capacity will be 3C/2 if AB/BC/CA is measured arbitrarily. (When measuring, the equivalent capacitor inside is C2 and C3 connected in series, and then connected in parallel with C1) Therefore, through the measurement, knowing any capacity Cx between AB/BC/CA, the capacity of each capacitor can be calculated: C =2Cx/3.

The method of judging whether the capacitor is damaged or derated can be calculated by measuring the compensation current on the capacitor, and then compare it with the actual one. CBB capacitors are for quality sound, however, part of the material has been used more and more technology, price is not an important factor, therefore, the number and frequency of PP capacitors and PS capacitors used in audio equipment is also increasing.


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