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How to Choose Capacitor Size More Accurately(I)

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Correct selection of capacitors

(1)Type of capacitor should be selected according to circuit requirements. For the low frequency circuit and DC circuit, the paper capacitor or the low frequency ceramic capacitor can be used. In high frequency circuit, mica capacitor, high frequency ceramic capacitor or core ceramic capacitor can be used when the electrical performance is high. Plastic film capacitors can be used in the intermediate frequency and low frequency circuits with high requirements. In the power filter and decoupling circuit, aluminum electrolytic capacitor is generally used. Mica capacitors, thin film capacitors or tantalum electrolytic capacitors should be selected for circuits with high reliability and high stability. For high voltage circuits, high voltage ceramic dielectric capacitors or other types of high voltage capacitors should be selected. Variable capacitors and fine tuning capacitors should be selected for tuning circuit.


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