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How long is the general service life of CBB capacitors?

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When choosing a CBB capacitor, one thing we need to consider is the use time of the CBB capacitor, because the electrical appliances we produce generally have a warranty period, and the manufacturer does not want their electrical appliances to be damaged during the warranty period. How long is the general service life of CBB capacitors?

Inferior CBB capacitors can generally be used for about one to two years

Although the cost of CBB capacitors produced by various manufacturers is not very different, when you actually buy them, you will find that there are many very cheap CBB capacitors, and their unit price is unimaginably low. This is an inferior CBB capacitor. The CBB capacitors they produce, which are very poor, only last for a few months. Generally, they can be used for about a year. However, many people still like to buy such capacitors, because the electrical appliances they produce can be used within a year without any problems.

Generally, low-quality CBB capacitors have a common feature, that is, the products are not printed on the product, and they belong to neutral printing. Purchasing this kind of capacitor can indeed reduce the cost significantly, but it will also make the electrical products produced by yourself. The word of mouth is very poor, and the use of such capacitors is very short-sighted.

Normal CBB capacitors are generally used for more than eight to ten years

If it is a CBB capacitor of normal quality, it is not used in high temperature and high humidity environments. In most electrical appliances, it can generally be used for more than eight to ten years, except for some used in resistance-capacitance step-down circuits.(The resistance-capacitance step-down circuit has high requirements on the quality of the capacitor. If the quality is poor, the capacity will decay quickly, and the use time of the electrical appliance will be very short.) Basically, it is difficult to damage the electrical appliance before it is eliminated.

Normal CBB capacitors usually have their own LOGO printed on the product. For the sake of reputation of their products, generally do not dare to produce inferior CBB capacitors, otherwise the capacitors will become more and more difficult to sell.

How to make CBB capacitors last for a long time?

1. The selection should be correct. Wrong selection will significantly shorten the use time of the CBB capacitor.

2. It is necessary to strictly control the voltage of the capacitor. The voltage of the capacitor usually has its own operating law. Do not exceed its rated range, otherwise the temperature of the capacitor will be too high, which will increase its aging speed.

3. High temperature is a factor that will affect the use time of CBB capacitors. Generally, the higher the temperature, the shorter the use time of CBB capacitors.


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