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Higher Capacitor performance: keep Seal(II)

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Air tightness prevents loss of capacitor.


The solution to the problem of electrolyte loss lies in the capacitor cover. The capacitor terminal can be sealed in an aluminum cover by replacing an organic compound (such as polymer) with a special glass seal package. Glass and pure aluminum electrodes form an integrated seal to protect capacitors from moisture infiltration and eliminate electrolyte loss. Custom-made glass sealing covers for various small and large containers, including radial, axial, stuck, supercapacitors and double layer capacitors. GTAS is a new technology for high energy density capacitors and batteries developed by Schott on the basis of its expertise in special glass and glass-metal seals since 1939.



Glass-aluminum seal cover plate (GTAS) has many advantages. Through careful design, the current glass-aluminum seal cover has high temperature resistance (-40oC to + 150oC). The sealing of the cover plate also means that smaller units can be designed or units of the same size with higher capacitors can be designed. The reliable sealing of non-aging glass seal cover not only prolongs the shelf life of the product, but also prolongs the service life of the product itself.


Glass-metal seal packaging has long been used in electronic and electrochemical components. It is the standard packaging technology in the mass market, such as on-board sensors, quartz oscillators and lithium thioyl batteries.


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