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High voltage capacitor installation and wiring method

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1. Environment and temperature limits for high voltage capacitor installation

The ambient temperature of the capacitor should not exceed 40 °C, the relative humidity of the surrounding air should not exceed 80%, and the altitude should not exceed 1000 m; there should be no corrosive gas or vapor around, there should be no large amount of dust or fiber; the installation environment should be no Flammable, explosive or strong vibration. The capacitor chamber shall be a refractory building with a fire rating of not less than two grades; the capacitor chamber shall be well ventilated.


High-voltage capacitors with a total oil volume of 300kg or more shall be installed in a separate explosion-proof room; high-voltage capacitors and low-voltage capacitors with a total oil volume of 300kg or less shall be installed in the interval of the explosion-proof wall or in the interval of the partition depending on the amount of oil. In addition, the capacitor should be protected from direct sunlight, and the window glass that is exposed to direct sunlight should be painted white. Otherwise, it is easy to burst under the exposure.


2. Connection method of high voltage capacitor

The inside of the three-phase capacitor is a delta connection. Single-phase capacitors should be wired according to their rated voltage and the rated voltage of the line. Triangular wiring is used when the rated voltage of the capacitor matches the line voltage. The star rating is used when the capacitor's rated voltage matches the line phase voltage.


In order to achieve a good compensation effect, the capacitor should be divided into several groups and connected to the capacitor bus. Each group of capacitors should be individually controllable, protected and discharged. The three basic wiring methods of capacitors are low-voltage centralized compensation, low-voltage dispersion compensation, and high-voltage compensation.


Any problem with any line of high-voltage capacitors may result in failure to operate properly, or even cause a series connection to cause an accident. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to professional personnel for installation and wiring.


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