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Harm Caused by Ageing of Safety Gauge Capacitor

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Capacitor is a consumptive component, which is indispensable in the circuit. Usually, if the capacitors are subjected to pressure, overheating and electrochemical corrosion will lead to the aging of the capacitors, the specific performance is that the charge and discharge time will be very short, or even be broken down, resulting in electrolyte leakage and solidification, resulting in a direct short circuit. The principle is: whether it is overvoltage or overheating, the flow of electrolytic particles in the capacitor will exceed the abnormal activity, thus forming the punching of the escape electrode plate, especially overheating. This phenomenon is more obvious, as the capacitor is burned off and blackened. To some extent, overpressure will also directly lead to overheating.

The aging of the safety gauge capacitor can be replaced because the aging of the safety gauge capacitor will lower the running speed of the whole equipment, and when it is serious, it will also appear the phenomenon of equipment damage. Therefore, we should aging the safety capacitor to avoid harm. The development of science and technology can not be separated from the contribution of safety capacitor, the quality of safety capacitor can not be separated from the efforts of manufacturers.


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