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Film capacitors' two categories

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Film capacitors are electronic components, which are used in many household appliances and have a wide range of applications! Film capacitors have gradually replaced aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Film capacitors can be divided into two categories, and what are their functions, let's take a look at the editor together.

Film capacitors are capacitors in which metal foil is used as an electrode, and plastic films such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate are overlapped from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical structure. The working principle of film capacitors is the same as that of general capacitors. They store electric energy by storing charges on the electrodes. They are usually used together with inductors to form an LC oscillating circuit. With a medium in between, it hinders the movement of charges and makes the charges accumulate on the conductor, resulting in the accumulation and storage of charges.

Film capacitors can be divided into dc film capacitors and ac film capacitors: dc film capacitors refer to film capacitors working in dc power supply circuit, which can be divided into four categories: general, power-supply electromagnetic interference suppression, pulse and precision; Ac film capacitor refers to the film capacitor working in the circuit of ac power supply, according to the function of motor start operation, power factor compensation, etc.

Film capacitors are widely used because of their extremely high insulation resistance, wide frequency response, and non-polarity. Therefore, film capacitors are often used in circuits such as integrated circuit boards, analog circuits, and so on. Especially in terms of signal cross-connection, the performance is very superior. Compared with other media, the film capacitor has small dielectric loss and wide frequency response, which can ensure that the signal will not change during transmission.In order to meet people's requirements for audio quality and improve sound quality, the current audio equipment is now more and more advanced film capacitors. Price is not the most important consideration. Therefore, PP capacitors and PS capacitors are used in audio equipment. The frequency and the number of are also getting higher and higher.


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