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Film capacitors in electric welding equipment

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Electric welding equipment is a device that uses electrical energy to generate heat to weld metal parts together. In the past, welding power sources used large and heavy metal transformers. Their operating frequency is 50 or 60 Hz, and their efficiency is relatively low. The development and wide application of modern frequency conversion technology has changed the design and capabilities of modern welding equipment. This new welding equipment works at higher frequencies, is more efficient and can be made more compact and lighter through optimized design. Film capacitors are the most important capacitors.

Please refer to the following figure for application examples of film capacitors in electric welding equipment:


film capacitor 

film capacitor2 


Among them, the characteristics of the DC connection/DC filter CBUS film capacitors B32674...B32678D/G are as follows:


Performance characteristics


● VR: 300 … 875 V DC
● CR: 0.47 … 100 μF

● Large current series: higher rated current than B3277x

● Maximum working temperature +105 °C

● Lead spacing 27.5… 52.5 mm

● 2 terminal or 4 terminal (provide better mechanical performance)


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