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Film capacitor manufacturing process and requirements

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We all know that a film capacitor is a capacitor made of a metal foil as an electrode and a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate, which is folded from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical shape. But do you know what its production process is like? And what are the requirements when making?


1. Cutting film: The metal foil is cut into the required design width by a slitting machine according to the capacity of the product design. It is required to have no burrs when cutting, and the appearance is free from dirt and wrinkles.


2. Winding: According to the requirements of the process, the needle core and the metal film are selected, and the core is wound by a winder. The film capacitor capacity is required to meet the design requirements, and the core end face is flat and the film is clean and the tension is moderate, and the film cannot be scratched.


3. Hot pressing: According to the requirements of the process, select the appropriate hot pressing parameters (pressure, temperature, time) on the hot press to flatten the core. It is required that the core cannot be loosened when a slight external force is applied, and the film cannot be layered.


4. Tape: According to the requirements of the process, select the appropriate adhesive tape and wind the core into a roll. The adhesive tape is required to be good in adhesion, and the adhesive tape cannot cover the end face of the core.


5, spray gold: spray metal layer on both ends of the core. According to the requirements of the process, choose the distance of gold spray, air pressure, and wire speed. The thickness and adhesion of the sprayed gold are required to meet the requirements.


6. Rolling: After the gold is sprayed, the braid is disassembled, and the residual metal edge after the gold spraying and the excess metal dust adhered to the surface of the core are removed by a roller machine. The piping time and speed refer to the process requirements. It is required that the end face of the core has no excess metal edges and no metal dust on the surface.


7. Vacuum drying: According to the requirements of the product, the drying oven selects the qualified temperature, pressure, and time to improve the electrical properties of the film capacitor product. It is required to ensure the accuracy of the parameters set by the machine.


8. Empowerment: Depending on the characteristics of the film capacitor product, select the appropriate incremental voltage to improve the electrical performance of the film capacitor product. The voltage setting is required to be accurate.


9. Soldering: The pins are soldered to the core. The wire diameter and length are required to be correct, the position is moderate, and the welding current is correct.


Can not be hot to the metal film, the solder joints are smooth, no burrs, no solder joints.


10. Plug-in: Insert the core into the plastic case. Requires the core to be placed in the middle of the casing and fixed


11. Potting: The potting material is potted in a plastic shell. It is required that the ratio of potting and sealing materials is correct, the mixing is uniform, the lead end and the shell surface cannot have resin, and the fat surface has no bubbles. The size is accurate.


12. Printing: Print relevant information on the surface of the material. The film capacitor is required to be correctly labeled, the screen printing is clear, centered, and not easy to fall off.


13, shipment inspection: performance sampling (capacity, loss, pressure, insulation resistance) appearance of the plastic shell is smooth, no scratches, burrs, resin and other bad phenomena. The logo is clear and correct, the ink is uniform, no broken wire, no defects, etc., and the position is in the middle; in the middle, there is no obvious offset silk screen is not easy to fall off, and the film capacitor size is attached to the inspection document.


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