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Film Capacitor Structure_Basic Characteristics of Film Capacitors

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When it comes to capacitors, everyone should know a little bit. You should have learned the relevant knowledge of capacitors in your studies, but do you know film capacitors? What kind of structure does the film capacitor have, and what kind of characteristics? If you don't know it, but you are still interested, please let me know about it.

Introduction to Film Capacitors

Due to the difference in the capacitor medium, the types of capacitors are also different, and there are many types of them. For example: paper capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, air capacitors, etc. Film capacitors are widely used in audio equipment. The use of film capacitors in the cross-connection of analog signals is widespread.

Film Capacitor Structure

The electrodes of film capacitors are made of metal foil. After overlapping it with plastics such as polyethylene, polystyrene and PP, they are rolled into a cylindrical shape to form a capacitor. In this case, film capacitors can be divided into polyethylene capacitors, polystyrene capacitors, PP capacitors and polycarbonate capacitors according to the type of plastic film.

Basic Characteristics of Film Capacitors

A relatively good capacitor, because many of its characteristics are excellent, it will make people very satisfied in use. Its characteristics are as follows: it has very good electrical resistance; its dielectric loss is very small; and its frequency range is very wide. It is precisely because of these advantages that film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits.

The structure of film capacitors can be said to be exactly the same as that of paper capacitors, and polyester or polystyrene is its medium. The dielectric loss of polystyrene capacitors is very small and has a high non-current resistance, but it has a large temperature coefficient and can be used in high frequency circuits. Polyester film capacitors are small in size, relatively large in capacity, and have good stability, making them more suitable for bypass capacitors.

The DC working voltage of the film capacitor is 63-500V, and the capacity range is 3pF-0.1μF, which is suitable for high frequency and low frequency.

After the introduction of the editor, everyone has a better understanding of film capacitors. Film capacitors have many excellent characteristics, which makes their application scope more common. You can pay more attention in your life to see where its applications are. Of course, the editor only introduces a part of the relevant knowledge here. If you are interested, you can go to find other information to further understand the film capacitor.


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