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Factors to Be Considered in Selecting Thin Film Capacitors

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With the development of electronic products, many capacitors have been applied very well. Find their own position on the circuit board and give play to their own advantages. We all know that thin film capacitors have various sizes, rated voltage and other characteristics, which can meet the specific requirements of different applications. Common dielectric materials include oil, paper, glass, air, mica, polymer films and metal oxides. Each dielectric has a specific property that determines whether it is suitable for a particular application.

Many people will have a perception that thin film capacitors are a panacea for noise-related problems, but the value of thin film capacitors is not limited to that. Designers often think of adding just a few capacitors to solve most noise problems, but rarely consider parameters other than capacitors and voltage ratings. However, like all electronic devices, thin film capacitors are not flawless. Instead, capacitors cause parasitic equivalent series resistors (ESRs) and inductors (ESLs), whose capacitance values vary with temperature and voltage. And capacitors are also very sensitive to mechanical effects.

In voltage regulators, the following three types of capacitors are usually used as voltage input and output by-pass capacitors: multilayer ceramic capacitors, solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Designers must take these factors into account when selecting bypass capacitors, as well as in other applications where thin film capacitors are used in filters, integrators, sequential circuits, and actual capacitance values. Improper selection may lead to circuit instability, excessive noise and power consumption, shortened product life cycle, and unpredictable circuit behavior.



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