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Explain the steps of using film capacitors

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Film capacitors use organic film as the medium. When the rated voltage and rated current are exceeded, flames may occur and the capacitor may be damaged. Please use the correct circuit.


1. Circuit design

Please confirm that the use range of film capacitors is only limited to the specified rated characteristic specifications. Please confirm whether the environment in which the capacitors are used meets the specifications.


2. Please select the corresponding capacitor for use according to the suitable operating conditions.

1 Capacitors are used for jumper, bypass loop, antenna coupling and other devices to suppress noise. They must pass overseas safety standards or the electrical appliance safety law of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan.


3. The applied voltage of the film capacitor, including the peak value of the surge and ripple voltage (DC voltage + AC peak value) must not exceed the rated voltage.


4. Do not use the current beyond the capacity of the film capacitor and check the temperature around the capacitor, because many factors will affect the change of the current and cause the temperature of the capacitor to rise.


5. Please do not charge and discharge film capacitors quickly, which may cause deterioration or damage to the characteristics of the capacitor. To


6. Installation:

Please do not use any tension that exceeds the capacity of the capacitor wire for plug-in;

Please confirm the use environment of the capacitor, avoid contact with any other warming objects, high voltage and other parts of materials

When carrying out the welding process, please strictly follow the specified welding conditions;


7. Emergencies: If the device emits smoke, sparks or unusual smells, please cut off the power supply, unplug the plug or turn off the device by other means.


8. Storage and handling:

It must be stored at -5℃~+30℃, the relative humidity is lower than 75% and there is no sudden temperature change, and avoid direct sunlight and corrosive gas environment;

There should be no excessive vibration, collision and impact from external forces;


9. Scrap: For scrap film capacitors, please find a professional who handles industrial waste.


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