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Error Analysis of Digital Multimeter(4)

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Error analysis of measuring positive dizzying AC voltage with multimeter distortion

When the effective value of distorted sinusoidal voltage with harmonic component is measured by multimeter (AC voltage range is mean meter), the measurement error depends not only on the amplitude of each harmonic, but also on their phase. Because the waveform of a distorted sinusoidal voltage depends not only on the amplitude of each harmonic component, but also on their phase. With different waveforms, the waveform deviates from KG 1.11 to a different extent, and the AC voltage file of the multimeter is calibrated by KG 1.11, so that if you read directly from the voltmeter. There will be varying degrees of error.

When measuring AC voltage of different waveforms with multimeter, the reading of multimeter cannot be regarded as the effective value of AC voltage without analysis. The non-sinusoidal voltage and the distorted sinusoidal voltage need to be calculated or corrected according to the method introduced in this paper.


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