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Detailed introduction of film capacitors(II)

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The usual method of film capacitors is to make aluminum and other metal foil as an electrode and plastic film to overlap and coiled together. But in addition, film capacitors has a manufacturing method called metallized film, which is made by vacuum evaporation of a thin layer of metal on a plastic film as an electrode. Thus, the thickness of the electrode foil can be omitted, and the volume of the capacitor capacity can be reduced. Therefore, film capacitors can be easily made into small, capacitive capacitors. For example, the common MKP capacitance is the name of metallized film capacitor, while MKT is the substitute for metallized poly (ethylene oxide) capacitors.


The films used in metallized film capacitor include poly (ethylene glycol), polypropylene, polycarbonate and so on. Besides the winding type, they also have a laminated type. The type of capacitor of the metallized film has a so-called "my" my recovery effect, that is, if the tiny part of the electrode is short circuited by the weak electrical boundary, the electrode metal around the short circuit is caused by the electrostatic or short-circuit current of the capacitor, which causes a larger area of melting and evaporation. The insulation is resumed to restore the capacitor to the capacitor again.


A comprehensive understanding of film capacitors is also a very interesting process. The development of film capacitors is obvious to all, and the utilization rate is gradually increasing.


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