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Comparison of unconventional capacitor and CBB capacitance disassembly

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The safety capacitor is also polypropylene material, and CBB is also polypropylene. Some engineers say the CBB capacitor will blow up. And JEC editor thinks that it is not a problem caused by pressure failure. The nominal voltage of the safety capacitor is 275V and 310V, and the DC withstand voltage can be reached to 2000V. Safety regulations are passed through national safety certification, and will not cause human injury after failure. There are UL, CSA, VDE, ENEC, CQC and KC authentication on the body of the safety capacitor. In theory, CBB with high voltage is also able to. Of course, if 400V CBB is used, there will be risks. If there is a problem in composition and quality, it may cause frying machine. Editor also saw a LED desk lamp with 250V CBB to step-down.

This time compared to two capacitors, an unconventional capacitor, a 400V CBB capacitor, compared with the CBB capacitor of 400V, the higher the 400V's CBB resistance, the more solid the plastic film is. Replacement and selection still need to choose according to their own conditions. Application and safety are most important.


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