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Comparison of frequency characteristics of film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

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The advantage of capacitors is that they are displayed on their own specialties, and the use of good results will be better. Both film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors know, then, which frequency characteristic is better?


The amount that any capacitor consumes under the action of electric field force. Generally, the amount of heat consumed by a capacitor per unit time under the action of electric field force is called the loss of the capacitor, which is expressed by active power. However, the active power cannot explain the quality of the capacitor's loss characteristics, so we use the loss tangent value to reliably represent the capacitor's loss characteristics. High frequency loss is an important index of film capacitors, which directly affects the reliability of the whole machine. At present, many electronic instruments use a high switching frequency, about 10KHZ. This requires that the product has good performance at high frequencies, but electrolytic capacitors are difficult to achieve.


The changes of the capacitance of the film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors with frequency in the greenhouse were measured through experiments. The capacity of electrolytic capacitors gradually decreases with increasing frequency, while film capacitors are basically unchanged. At the same time, the dielectric loss tangent of two kinds of capacitors in the greenhouse was measured as a function of frequency, and the conclusion was that the loss of electrolytic capacitors increased sharply with the increase of frequency, but the capacitance of film capacitors changed only slightly. It can be seen in the comparison process that film capacitors have a wide operating frequency range and low high frequency loss, and have good frequency characteristics.


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