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Comparison of CBB film capacitors and chip capacitors

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More and more mobile phones support wireless charging. Most mobile phone manufacturers do not give away wireless chargers, resulting in a large demand for wireless chargers. At present, when manufacturing wireless chargers, NPO chip capacitors are more expensive and occupy a high cost. CBB film capacitors are relatively cheap. Which one should be selected?


1. Wireless charging chip capacitors.

Wireless chargers usually use 104 / NPO material capacitors in a 1206 package. NPO capacitors have higher stability and lower losses than low-cost MLCC capacitors. The wireless charger uses a very low-loss NPO capacitor in series with the transmitter coil to match the transmitter coil to generate an alternating electromagnetic field that can be received. However, due to the increase in the unit price of chip capacitors in the past two years, even if they have fallen back, the cost of using chip capacitors is still high.


2. CBB film capacitor:

Polypropylene capacitors, CBB belongs to this category. The main characteristics of film capacitors are as follows: non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and small dielectric loss.


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