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Common problems with high voltage ceramic capacitors

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High-voltage ceramic capacitors are also a common electronic component in life for high-stability oscillation circuits. In the use we will encounter a lot of problems, this article from the small series to summarize some common problems, together to understand it!


1) What is the role of high voltage ceramic capacitors connected to the 220V terminals?

A: Mainly to filter, filter out high frequency AC components.


2) What is the difference between ordinary ceramic capacitors and Y2 capacitors?


1. Ceramic capacitors are mainly for high frequency, high voltage ceramic capacitors depend on the occasion of use, typical effects can eliminate high frequency interference.

Advantages: 1. Capacity loss has high stability with temperature frequency. 2. The special series structure is suitable for high voltage and long-term operational reliability. 3, high current climb rate and suitable for high current loop non-inductive structure.

2. Y2 capacitor belongs to Fan Tao of safety capacitor. It is used in such a situation that after the capacitor fails, it will not cause electric shock and will not endanger personal injury.

3. The ordinary ceramic capacitor is 1.5 times rated voltage +500V according to the national standard test, and the rated voltage of the Y2 capacitor is 300V, and the test withstand voltage needs to reach 2500VAC.


3) What is the current of the high voltage ceramic capacitor connected in series on the live line?

Answer: Xc=1/2*3.14*50*C, current I=voltage drop U/Xc.


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