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Ceramic capacitor sintering process

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Sintering is a process in which the powder is heated to a temperature lower than the melting point of the essential component thereof, and then ice-cooled to room temperature in a certain method and speed. As a result of the sintering, bonding occurs between the powder particles, the strength of the sintered body is increased, and the concentrated body of the powder particles is turned into agglomerates of crystal grains, thereby obtaining a desired physical or mechanical property product or material.


The sintering process of ceramic capacitors refers to the processing procedure and sintering process system selected according to the characteristics of raw materials, which has a direct and important influence on the yield and quality of sintering production. The ceramic capacitor process selects the appropriate process flow and operation system according to the inherent law of the sintering process, and utilizes the achievements of modern science and technology to strengthen the sintering production process, and can obtain advanced technical and economic indicators to ensure high yield and low consumption. The production process includes raw material receiving, ashing, mixing, sieving and crushing, solvent fuel crushing and screening, and other ingredients. A brief understanding of the temperature portion of the ceramic capacitor sintering process.


1. Low-temperature pre-burning stage: At this stage, the recovery of metal and the volatilization of adsorbed gas and moisture, the forming agent in the compact, and the elimination are mainly occurred.


2. Medium temperature heating and sintering stage: At this stage, recrystallization begins to occur. In the particles, the deformed grains are restored, reorganized into new grains, and the surface oxides are reduced, and the grain interface forms a sintered neck.


3. High temperature insulation completes the sintering stage: the diffusion and flow in this stage are fully and nearly completed, forming a large number of closed cells, and continue to shrink, so that the pore size and the total number of pores are reduced, and the density of the sintered body is significantly increased.


The above is a brief introduction to the sintering process of ceramic capacitors. If you have technical questions, please contact us and we will try our best to solve them.


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