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Ceramic capacitor satisfies the condition of circuit parameters

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The advantages of ceramic capacitor:


1. The rising speed in high current is also applicable to the non inductive structure of the larger circuit than the normal consumption current.


2. The extra series structure is suitable for high voltage and long lasting operation.


3, capacity loss will result in high temperature stability.


When using ceramic capacitor, it should be noted that appropriate models are used in accordance with clear working conditions and environmental requirements, and the key parameters are required to meet line exercise conditions.


1. In the electronic components of the by-pass and filter in the coupling circuit, the electrician and electronic, it is often considered that the low price of the miniaturized material is the first one, while the demand for the thermal stability of the consumption and capacity is low, and the 2 kind of ceramic is usually used, and its capacity is wide.


2. In high frequency harmonic vibration, in addition to the consumption of demand capacitor, it also needs a good temperature stability, generally used to the 1 type of ceramic capacitor. At this time, the CH characteristic is also called zero temperature coefficient product, its capacity is not changed by heat, but its capacity is only from a few PF to a few hundred PF.


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