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Causes and Solutions of Overvoltage of Inverter(I)

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Frequency conversion speed regulation system is superior to DC drive because of its advantages, and it is regarded as the preferred transmission scheme in many occasions. In modern frequency conversion speed regulation system, 16 bit or 32 bit single chip microcomputer is used as the control core, thus the digital control is realized. The performance of speed regulation is similar to that of DC speed regulation, but when using frequency converter, its maintenance work is more complicated than that of DC. Once the fault occurs, it is very difficult to deal with the common electrical personnel in the enterprise. Sinole summarizes the causes and solutions of the frequency converter overvoltage.

Frequency converters have a normal operating voltage range, when beyond this range the frequency converter will overvoltage OU) alarm, the common overvoltage there are two types:

1. Input side overpressure. Usually, when the input voltage rises to the alarm point, the input voltage can be measured with a multimeter to determine whether the input voltage is within the allowable range.

2. The overvoltage in the state of generation. The common frequency converter drives large inertia load, the deceleration time setting is small, causes the motor to be in the power generation state, this kind of situation recommends the customer to install the brake resistor or the brake unit solution.


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