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Capacitor switch tripping method

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1. It is forbidden to forcibly send power after the circuit is disconnected. It is necessary to detect the status of the protection measures. According to the status of the measures, the identification is determined. The switching voltage capacitor, the power series cable, the detection capacitor have no plasma, the temperature is raised, the bump or Whether the fuel injection poly-joint has overheating and melting, and the tin tube has no charge to offset the trace. If there is no such condition, the switch trips are caused by internal defects caused by the copper platoon, such as power can be sent after the investigation, and vice versa. Furthermore, it is necessary to test the characteristics of the full-current current-passing conductor test and the voltage capacitor. If the fault is not detected, each of the intermittent capacitors is inspected and tested, and the switch cannot be turned on before the original test is performed.


2. When testing and solving the problem capacitor, the capacitor switch and the two side knives should be opened, and the capacitor group can be implemented after the charge is cancelled. After the capacitor group is offset by the charge of the discharge resistor, an artificial discharge is still performed because the local residual charge may not be discharged. Connect the ground terminal when discharging, and then use the gram bar to repeatedly cancel the charge of the capacitor until there is no spark and no discharge, then stabilize the grounding device. However, the faulty capacitor may cause poor wiring contact. In the case of broken wire or fuse melting, some charges have not been discharged. Therefore, high-voltage insulating gloves should be worn before the test, and the short-circuit wire and the capacitor are short-circuited and then disassembled.


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