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Capacitor in the high end market

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At present, there are tens of thousands of manufacturers engaged in the capacitance industry in China, forming a huge industrial system covering all the provincial capital cities, two cities and the county market. However, in such a prosperous and competitive market environment, there will be strong capacitor enterprises. Many domestic consumers are more inclined to foreign brand capacitor products. In fact, from a practical point of view, domestic capacitors are much more in line with the habits of Chinese people, and their quality is not necessarily worse than that of foreign countries.


According to the data collected by Xiaobian, China's capacitor industry is in the middle stage of development. With the requirements, the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. In the fierce competition, many capacitive manufacturers have opened the strategic thinking. From the initial development of the sales focus gradually to the emphasis on quality, design, brand operation, focus on product positioning, to create a unique cultural characteristics of its own brand special. Color products, seeking a more powerful way of marketing.


Capacitor products must be applied in order to show their true value. Whether the same product is good or bad is also suited to local conditions. Therefore, sticking to the actual requirements of consumers, enhancing the use of capacitors and improving the user-friendly function are the foundation for many capacitor manufacturers to focus on.


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