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Can cbb60 capacitors replace cbb65 capacitors?

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From a functional point of view, cbb60 cannot replace cbb65. Cbb capacitor is a general term for a series of capacitors. Although cbb60 and cbb65 are both cbb capacitors, they are not the same in concept and function.


1. cbb60 capacitor

cbb60 is a polypropylene film capacitor, the shape is rectangular (flat) plastic shell, the leading end is lead or metal insert.

This kind of capacitor is suitable for the start and operation of "one-way motor" powered by 50/60hZ AC power supply. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, low price, low loss, and good self-healing effect.

It is generally used in AC motors of household appliances such as washing machines to maintain the operation of the motors.


2. cbb65 capacitor

The package of cbb65 is aluminum, round or oval.

This kind of capacitor is suitable for 50/60hZ AC power supply. It is an important supporting component of the "compressor in air conditioner" and an indispensable key component for the start and operation of the compressor.

Replace the main parts, preferably the same as the original model. If you can't buy it, you need to replace the capacitor. It depends on the main parameters. In addition to the capacitance and rated working voltage, it also depends on the insulation resistance, dielectric loss, and manufacturing accuracy (allowable error).


3. Functional scope

CBB60 and CBB65, both of which are metalized polypropylene film capacitors, are used in 50/60hz AC power supply circuits. They are usually used as starting and running capacitors for motors. They can resist the impact of high voltage and large currents and have good self-healing effects.

CBB60 capacitor has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and is commonly used in washing machines and water pumps.

CBB65 capacitor has good high temperature resistance and explosion-proof characteristics, and is often used in air-conditioning refrigerators.

In an emergency, when CBB60 is used instead of CBN65, the motor can be guaranteed to work, because the two have the same medium and have no polarity, and they belong to the same type of capacitor.

However, the external dimensions of the two may not be the same. At the same time, the capacity of the replaced capacitors must be consistent, and the withstand voltage must be greater than or equal to the withstand voltage of the original capacitor.

CBB60 and CBB65 capacitors are different types of capacitors, designed and produced for different working environments, with different production processes and packaging forms, and different places of use.

Therefore, cbb60 capacitors cannot be used instead of cbb65 capacitors, but in the case that cbb65 capacitors are indeed not found, cbb60 capacitors can be used as an emergency. After cbb65 capacitors are found, they should be replaced with the original type of capacitors.


The difference between cbb60 and CBB65 capacitors

1. Different purposes

CBB60 is suitable for the starting and running of unidirectional motors powered by AC power at a frequency of 50HZ (60HZ).

CBB65 starting capacitors are widely used in household air conditioners to start and run single-phase motors powered by AC power with a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, as well as power factor compensation for high-power lighting fixtures.


2. Different features

The metallized polypropylene film capacitor for CBB60 AC motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low price, low loss and good self-healing effect.

CBB65 cylindrical metal aluminum housing, small size, light weight, excellent electrical performance, low loss, good self-healing characteristics, internal pressure explosion-proof device, safe and reliable use.


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