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Application reliability selection of military electrolytic capacitor (I)

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Capacitors are generally made up of two conductors which are close to and insulated from each other. They are indispensable basic components for military electronic equipment. Electrolytic capacitors occupy a large proportion in military electronic products, and their reliability plays a vital role in the whole machine.

According to the statistics of relevant domestic departments, the failure of the capacitor selection and application is about 55 to 85% of the total loss of the capacitor, and the failure of the capacitor itself is about 15 to 45%. From the above data, we can see that the main cause of capacitor failure is related to improper selection and use. Therefore, the choice and application of electrolytic capacitors is of great significance for ensuring the quality and reliability of military products.

1. Selection of 1 electrolytic capacitors

In the field of military electronic products, in order to ensure the reliability of the whole machine system, the following principles should be observed when choosing electrolytic capacitors.

(1) Try to select the components that are included in the military electronic component qualification list (QPL).

(2) Try to select products with preferred components list (PPL).

(3) The correct selection of the quality grade of the components;

(4) Choose standard and common components as far as possible, and carefully select new varieties and non-standard components.

(5) When providing the list of components, the meaning of the component marks must be clearly understood.


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