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Application of New Type Tantalum Capacitor in Portable products(IV)

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Q: What are the packages for tantalum capacitors?

A: the package of gallbladder capacitors is 0402U 0603 0805U 120663528C CDE these are standard sizes, which are adopted by every manufacturer.

Q:How do you explain the fact that tantalum capacitors have no life limit?

A: whether or not all gallbladder capacitors have life limits depends on the material they use internally, that is, dielectric materials and layout materials. They have life limits because they use electrolytes. The electrolyte will evaporate with the time it is in use. If the electrolysis evaporates, it will fail, so it will have a lifetime, because the bile electricity is a solid capacitance, and all its materials, positive and negative, and materials are solid. So relatively stable, as long as it is used under normal conditions, in theory, there is no life limit.

Q: What is the most commonly used capacity in the audio circuits of mp3 and mobile phones?

A: In the audio circuits of MP3 and mobile phones, the most commonly used capacity is from 10UF to 220UF. In fact, in the shanzhai mobile phones, 33 UFs are used. If you want the phone to have a better sound effect, it is recommended to use the 100UF or 220UF gallbladder capacitance. VISHAY's 298D series can be chosen because they are used by Samsung phones like the Apple phone, which is a very common product.

Q: when it comes to capacitances in many places, there are many concepts. If in the expert's own words, how can the function of capacitance be summed up or expressed in the least number of words?

A: if you generalize it in simple terms, it is energy storage and filtering.

Q: Can large-capacity tantalum capacitors effectively suppress transient voltage interference in the hot-swappable area?

. Tantalum capacitors can be used as an ideal device to suppress transient current.

Q: do tantalum capacitors of the same capacity have lower internal resistance and better filtering effect than aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

A: Yes, tantalum capacitors of the same capacity are smaller than the internal resistance of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Q: What is the main failure mode of tantalum capacitors? Are there any improvements and breakthroughs in the new tantalum capacitors?

. Do new tantalum capacitor technology.



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